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Invest in Health for All

Our planet constantly faces many major complex health challenges. The Global One Health initiative (GOHi) works to stem and prevent these health crises around the globe.  A donation to GOHI is a donation to support research, training and outreach programs that improve and secure our global health systems.

The Global One Health initiative includes:

     - Clinical Research to optimize the diagnosis and prevention of infectious disease

     - Implementing vaccination campaigns in underserved areas

     - Training public health professionals locally, nationally, and internationally

     - Working on new drug discovery

     - Providing service-learning opportunities for Ohio State undergraduate and graduate students 

     - Utilizing innovative technologies and multidisciplinary partnerships to implement global health programs

Your donation to GOHi would support:

  • Student Scholarships
  • Research Funding
  • Biennial International Congress on Pathogens at the Human-Animal Interface (ICOPHAI
  • Annual One Health Summer Institute to train public health professionals in East Africa